Joe Myrtle July 21, 2018

The seafood, delicacies of your ribs, is regularly invited to your tables. Here are some great ideas for seafood recipes. You can already prepare your bottles…

Cassolette of seafood

A cassolette of seafood in which you will integrate crayfish, scallops but also mussels and shrimps. Put your seafood and shallot in a knob of butter before deglazing with a little dry white wine. Season to your liking and add heavy cream and liquid; if you want a touch of exoticism raise your dish with ginger powder.So when you are enjoying your win with the pennsylvania lottery bonus code the eating experience will be the best.

Scallop ceviche with grapefruit

A very summery starter with tangy flavors with a grapefruit scallop ceviche. After cleaning the scallops, you can dice them and add grapefruit segments. All you have to do is season with a little lemon juice, chopped tarragon, a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper. Let marinate a few hours before adding the final touch, lemon caviar whose small pearls, which burst in the mouth, let escape a sharp and lemony taste.

Seafood chowder

This is a typical seafood recipe full of flavors to enjoy as an appetizer or as a dish. The “Seafood chowder” is a mix of seafood that will be according to the arrival of your fishmonger, with mussels, shrimp, white fish, salmon or others. Fry shallot, celery, mushrooms, mashed potatoes and tomato and saffron concentrate, before blending everything into a homogeneous and fluid soup. Brown the diced potatoes, add the soup and then your seafood. You can enjoy!

Lobster bisque

Festive soup or to accompany poultry, fish or shellfish, lobster bisque is a delicacy. Of course, the main ingredient is the lobster for which you will use the crushed carcasses, which you will have to grasp on high heat. Then add chopped shallots and garlic, before flaming with brandy. Add the rest of the tarragon aromas, tomatoes, wet with aroma and let simmer so that all the aromas develop. Finish your recipe by mixing and filtering your preparation for smooth, shiny bisque.


Squid stuffed with Sicilian

Sicily settles in your plates with stuffed squid. It’s a recipe full of flavors and tastes that transports you to Palermo. The ingredient in the limelight, whole fresh squid will have a sufficient size of about 20 cm in length so you can stuff them easily. Onion, parsley, eggs, grated parmesan cheese, fine breadcrumbs, smoked bacon and tomato pulp will be used to prepare the stuffing. You can then stuff your squid and grasp it in a drizzle of olive oil.

Grilled lobster with curry butter and roasted pumpkin

An exceptional dish made from grilled lobster with flavors from elsewhere thanks to a curry butter that will enhance your dish. The roasted pumpkin will bring a touch of delicacy to the aromas of chestnuts. Very easy to achieve, the taste buds of your guests will appreciate. After slicing the lobsters, pass them quickly under water, and then add curry butter slices on the delicate flesh of this crustacean. Bake in the oven for 7 minutes and enjoy.