Joe Myrtle December 28, 2018

When it comes to the life-threatening diseases then lung cancer is appearing at the top. In the majority of lung cancer cases, the patient faces death. Mainly the role of lungs is maintaining the breathing functions of the body.

These are two organs with spongy nature and available in the chest area. The main function of the lungs is getting inhale the oxygen and exhales the carbon dioxide. At once lungs get affected with cancer then the chances of some other diseases also appear such as –

  • Ovarian
  • Prostate
  • Breast cancer

If you are thinking that who can get affected with the lung cancer then it may occur in both male and female. There is nothing specific. In case anyone is facing lung cancer and do not get perfect treatment then it increases regularly.

Symptoms of lung cancer

In the beginning stages, lung cancer does not get detected by paying attention to any kind of symptoms. Only proper diagnosis or some tests can work here. When cancer becomes advanced then it starts showing some specific symptoms. Upcoming points are completely based on these symptoms and signs.

  • Chest pain
  • Bone pain
  • Headache
  • Hoarseness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Losing weight without trying
  • Blood while coughing
  • Cough that cannot get treated

These are some basic symptoms those are appearing when your health gets affected with lung cancer. In case you are facing these types of issues of signs then you should definitely visit an efficient doctor and consult complete condition properly.

Types of lung cancer

When you are going for the testing and getting treatment of lung cancer then first of all experts are trying to know about its type. According to the experts, there are two types of lung cancers. These types are categorized on the basis of cells. Treatment of both types of cancers is completely different. The doctors are making final decisions on the basis of all these things. Upcoming details are related to these types.

Small cell lung cancer

The individuals those are considering the way of heavy smoking they can get affected with the lung cancer a lot. If we talk about the effects or number of patients of this particular type then you can find less as compared to another one.

Non-small cell lung cancer

Non-small cell lung cancer is representing various types of lung cancers. Mainly it shows all types of cancers except for small cell cancer. With it, the way of affecting and some other factors are completely similar to these types of cancers. These types of cancers are including large cell carcinoma, carcinoma, and adenocarcinoma.

Causes of lung cancer

There are lots of factors available those are becoming a reason for the lung cancer. The individuals should have knowledge about these factors by which they can prevent them and reduce the chances of cancer. With all these things, some factors cannot be controlled like – family history with lung cancer. Following are the main causes of lung cancer.

Exposure to secondhand smoke

Some individuals are thinking that they do not smoke and due to it, they never get affected with lung cancer. In case you are facing exposure to the secondhand smoke then your lungs may start getting affected with lung cancer.

Exposure to asbestos and other carcinogens

Asbestos and some other elements are also becoming a reason for lung cancer. Mainly these types of things are affecting the health from the workplace. If we talk about the other factors then these are chromium, arsenic, and nickel. All these things are becoming a big reason for lung cancer. These things are affecting the health of individuals those are smoking at higher levels.


It is the biggest factor that increases the chances of lung cancer in an individual. As more cigarettes or other smoking elements are consumed, the chances of cancer in the lungs become higher. It does not matter on which stage of life you are. It affects the health similarly on all stages.

Problems associated with lung cancer

Lung cancer is leading to lots of problems or complications in the body. These things are affecting the life a lot and create several barriers in living a happy life.


If the lung cancer is at the advanced stage then it starts spreading in the whole body. Due to it, the patient may face pain in the different parts of the body. With all these things, the individual may face lots of uncomfortable conditions. Mainly it affects the bone. You should definitely consult with a doctor for it and he/she can provide you proper treatment for dealing with such an issue.

Shortness of breath

Lungs are functioning by managing or controlling the breathing system. When the lungs are getting affected with cancer then the patient may also face issues with the breathing. It may create shortness of breath. The individuals may face these issues mainly while inhaling the oxygen.

Fluid in chest

During the lung cancer, there is a different kind of fluid starts taking place in the body. Due to the fluid, there are lots of unfavorable conditions are appearing. The fluid takes place in the chest. The doctors are providing a treatment by which the fluid can be drained and avoid lots of risks.

How to prevent lung cancer?

Many people are trying to find out the ways by which they can reduce the lung cancer risk or its effects. If you are one of these then you should take help from upcoming points.

Don’t or stop smoking

You should try to avoid the way of smoking. In case you already smoke then try to stop it as soon as possible. In case you are not able to do this then the chances of lung cancer become higher in the body.

Consider a healthy diet

Diet is playing the most important role. In case you are eating unhealthy food regularly then it may create lots of issues for the body health and complete system.