Joe Myrtle July 6, 2018

UrbanClap is a services provider that dominates the Indian market. Their purpose is to connect customers with the service providers by eliminating the middleman. It is currently functional in around 116 different cities with more than 400 employees and 16000 professionals. The company was created in 2014 and has since then gone on to establish itself as one of the elite online service providers. They offer a multitude of services that range from massage therapists to packers and movers.

UrbanClap is considered to be one of the top tier startups in the country. They are an online marketplace for regional services. They assist clients by helping them hire trained professionals for all their everyday service needs. They primarily employ a young core with experienced and passionate individuals working day and night to simplify the busy lives of people by helping them with their service needs right at their doorsteps.

Every home needs a good and trained architect. You might not know where or how to begin. Architects firms in Mumbai on UrbanClap will help you put your ideas together into something tangible and something you will love. There are various Architects in Mumbai that possess many years of experience and fit your pocket perfectly. You can be ready and rest assured that if you decide to bank on UrbanClap, you will not be disappointed at all. You can find the architect that is just right for you with just one click on your phone.

Below are listed some of the best architecture firms in Mumbai

  1. New Era Architects Designers and PMC

This Architecture firm that is lead by Nagesh Katke and has around 9 years of experience. They are a design and turnkey architecture firm. They focus primarily on projects such as  Home designs, Office designs, Hospitality space designs such as Cafes/Restaurants/Bars, Lifestyle space designs including

Spas/Salons/Gyms, Medical facility designs like Clinics/Hospitals/Labs Education facility designs like Playschools/Schools/Colleges/Study spaces and Retail outlet designs. They provide any style of architecture that you desire such as Contemporary,  Modern, Minimalistic,  Retro and  Casual. It is however not just limited to this and they offer a variety of other styles. They charge Rs 100 per square feet for consultation prices and Rs 50 for an architectural design consultation.

2.T-Square Architects and Design

They are an architectural design firm consisting of renowned architects in Mumbai. They also have the best technical designers in the city. They have a young but talented team of employees who are present to cater to your needs.  T square A & D only desires to provide services to its best ability by creating a conversation with the customer so that they can shape your design with our innovation and the clients’ inputs which play an important role in how your home is built. This dialogue created between you and them is something that separates them from everyone else. They charge Rs 50 per square foot for architectural designs. 

  1. Pradnya Sanjay Kakade

Their passion is what separates them from the rest and pushes them to elevate their creativity to a whole new level. Every time they get a new talent t, their main focus is to find a new way to keep them satisfied and get the job done no matter how challenging it is. The passion that they show is also reflected on site as well. They charge a reasonable amount of Rs 25 per square foot.

Hire any one of these architecture firms in Mumbai and you will not be disappointed. There are various architecture firms also present on the UrbanClap website so get your house built now!