Joe Myrtle July 21, 2018

Meditate easily, many dreams: sit on his cushion and in a few seconds enter a modified state of consciousness and know how to do the clear in itself. Let’s be clear, this is pure imagination or a very long work on oneself and a long meditative practice. In the meantime, here are 3 simple tips for easy meditation.

  1. Be regular

Meditating will be easier and easier as you practice. You will learn more by meditating half an hour a day than two hours once a week. Indeed, your body and mind will learn more easily, will learn simpler lessons from each daily session. A single session a week would expose you to a lot of work before returning to the state you had experienced in the previous session. The emotional charge would be very strong, too often. Between sessions, oblivion would erase much of your progress. Memory you will play tricks and push you in a direction that you thought well while it is totally wrong, that it is a faulty memory. Moreover, when you meditate every day missing a session is not a big deal. If a single impediment comes up against your weekly session, you spend fifteen days without meditation, as much as saying that you leave almost zero if you begin.Of course when you will have the tropicana casino promotional code the distractions are there. But you will need to concentrate.

  1. Say it around you

To say that you meditate has two beneficial effects. You are morally committed to being mediators, because your friends and loved ones will see you as such. It is an excellent way of not continually putting off this meditation session until tomorrow, not to miss it at the slightest stroke of fatigue, at the slightest crisis of laziness.

Saying it to your friends and family will also help them not feel rejected when you prefer to meditate rather than go out when you ask for time for yourself. They will understand that you have made a time-consuming choice and will not take it against them. And if they do not understand, it will be an opportunity for you to take stock of your sincerity of friendship.

  1. Make sacrifices for meditation

This series that passes just when you want to meditate, this outing organized at the time of your session, this desire to do nothing and hang on the couch, say goodbye. Put them off. You want to meditate; you want to discover what drives so many people to do it? Know that you have nothing without anything. You have sacrifices to make. Too bad for this series, you’ll see it another time, save it, too bad if you cannot discuss it tomorrow in the office.

Too bad for this outing with your friends, you will come later, that’s all, and it will be a great opportunity to talk about your new commitment: meditation.