Joe Myrtle July 21, 2018

Taking care of a little being for the first time in your life is a lot of stress. As mother always says: “A baby does not come with the instruction manual tattooed on a buttock …” But, fortunately, it can be learned!You are not superwoman to win fanduel promo code again and again.

Here are the tips from one mom to another!

  1. Always have zinc oxide cream on hand to relieve diaper rash.
  2. Make sure you moisturize baby’s fragile skin enough to prevent it from drying out. Favor an unscented base moisturizer.
  3. Always take the baby’s temperature rectally so that it is as accurate as possible. At less than 3 months, a baby has fever if the temperature exceeds 38 degrees Celsius, according to the Children’s Hospital. In this case, it is better to consult a doctor immediately. An older baby will have a fever if the rectal temperature is 38.3 or higher.
  4. Always have infant acetaminophen on hand. This medicine will relieve baby in case of flu, colds and if he is teething. Be careful though to respect the dosage!
  5. If in doubt about baby’s health, do not hesitate to call the Info- line at 8-1-1. The service is quick and courteous, 24 hours a day, and it could save you a visit (and a long wait) to the clinic or emergency room.
  6. Always have with snacks in the diaper bag. Because when a baby is hungry, he braves loudly!
  7. Always bring a changing mat with you. Because we never know where we’ll change the next layer…
  8. Wet wipes at your fingertips at all times is a must. They are really multitasking. It is used to wash baby, pick up a small damage and even clean the crayons on the walls!
  9. No need to buy bed covers and blankets during the baby’s first months. We minimize the risk of suffocation. Instead, we use sleeping bags to keep baby warm.
  10. To receive free samples and discount coupons sign up with baby programs. You will receive a bonus, a new diaper bag and a changing mat.
  11. When you go out in the sun, make sure your baby has a hat with a wide brim, focus on shade, and minimize exposure to the sun when the sun is strong.
  12. It is very easy to make the purees yourself with a blender and a steamer. In addition to being economical, it allows us to control the quality of food that baby eats. Another saving tip: freeze the mashed potatoes in ice cubes, place them in a plastic bag that goes to the freezer and seal it tightly. When baby starts eating mashed potatoes, take out a cube for a serving!

In conclusion do not hesitate to ask for help. And those who tell you that they never felt they were going to lose patience are hypocrites!